The leveling dungeons disconnect


I read with interest the recent LOTRO post over at Massively OP about the group finder. It brought a few thoughts together that I’ve had of late regarding grouping and the impact that has on my enjoyment and motivation levels when playing MMORPGs. Firstly that I love running group content in MMORPGs, it’s a big reason why I play these games over single player RPGs or other genres. More recently I’ve played a lot of public group style content (GW2’s events or Neverwinter’s heroic encounters), but dungeons have always been a big part of my online gaming hobby.

A LOTRO dungeon run

The background to this is that my first proper MMO experience was WoW around the time of the Burning Crusade launch. I was invited into the game and a family-oriented guild by a close friend. For years (through to the Cataclysm era), my time in game was dominated…

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