Anybody else excited for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition?


I’m a big ol’ tabletop RPG nerd. I play a bunch of Pathfinder on play by post and wake up early every Sunday morning to play Dungeons and Dragons 5e with my friends even though I kinda hate the system. Tabletop gaming provides a unique experience that can’t be replicated by even the most immersive video game for simple fact that every video game is going to have a rigid, immutable set of rules and a finite amount of scenarios the game can throw at you. I’m not saying it’s a superior form of gaming like some TRPG elitists (or purists, if you’re feeling charitable) would claim, but it is different and has some serious advantages over other types of games.

Dungeons and Dragons being the most well known and recognizable brand of these types of games, has of course had many attempts made to translate the TRPG experience to…

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