Reaper 10

Micki's Delirium

Yesterday me and Darth were at one of my colleague’s birthday party, and when I got home I wanted to see if there possibly was a post up for the new raid, as I’ve been seeing it up a few times already. There was one, but it wasn’t filling, so I joined Doobrey for a quick run of Into the Mists. As we finished another group that was running the raid just finished their run and put the post up again. Both of us decided to join that group instead, but only Doobrey managed to get in. I switched to Cerge to run a quest on him, and as I was checking my gear Max sends me a tell asking if I could come heal some high level reaper quests. I asked which quests and then decided to switch and join. They of course were asking for Thazara, not…

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