Non-combat challenges in MMORPGs #EQ2 #DDO


As I’ve been working on Frostfell activities this weekend, I came across the Icy Keep instance. This has been in the game for over ten years, but somehow I didn’t get around to completing it before.

It’s that slightly rarer beast, a challenge in a MMORPG that cannot be brute-forced, indeed combat with any of the monsters inside this castle will fail the mission. The instance was a fun combination of working out paths and clicking various locations. With the challenge coming from spotting where to go next and what needed to be done.

Even getting in confused me for some time as there are a couple of ‘could be’ entrances that are not, it’s possible to send your character plummeting to a fatal landing if (s)he gets too close to the edge of a ravine in this frozen fortress!

Chasms can be dangerous

Playing this instance reminded me of…

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