The Secret of the Storm Horns

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I bought the Shadowfail Conspiracy expansion pack back when I was a bit more oblivious about DDO’s quality decline since 2012. I bought it together with the Menace of the Underdark expansion on Steam because they were having a sale for something like 75% off. Even then, I’m not sure if either purchase was really worth it because Wheloon is such a detestable setting with an abominable collection of quests. And it’s a real shame that Wheloon has to drag down the glory of the Storm Horns, because on it’s own, it’s a very good pack for which I’d gladly spend maybe even 700-800 TP.

Experience: 3/5

There are four level 19 quests (27 on epic) here which need to be completed in any order to access the final quest. They’re mostly mediocre experience (on both heroic and epic), although The Tracker’s Trap and What Goes Up

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