5 Best things to Happen to Video Games in 2017

The Video Game Auditor

2017 had many amazing games come out and I didn’t get to play all of them.  So many choices, so little money.  Instead of breaking it down into a top ten, I’ll mention several things I thought were great in the video game industry.  It was a good year for games despite industry bullshit (more on that in a later post).  All right, let’s get down to business!

Japanese Developers Return to Prominence

Nier Automata 2B 2B fights giant mech in Nier: Automata

Japanese developers had an excellent year.  The last generation and the early part of this generation were not kind to Japanese developers.  It was a struggle to appeal to an international audience while staying true to their roots.  Unfortunately, they seemed to play a guessing game as to what Western gamers wanted.  Trying to appeal to a wider audience often leads to a game that’s not meant for anyone.  2017…

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