DDO: A whole new scene

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I had it. I had had enough. The deafening silence of the Ghallandra server and the guild I found there finally got to me, and on the advice of DDOCentral, I used some of my points to transfer my character over to Cannith. I guess that’s the one that gets promoted the most right now for new players, so I hoped for a more involved and active population.

As an interesting aside, logging onto the Cannith server turned out to be fortuitous, since this was the server I used to play on back in 2008-10. I waved to my old Bard but forged forward with my Artificer. Sorry, Bardy, but your lack of a robot dog isn’t a compelling argument to get me to switch.

Within a half-hour, I already had a few leads on promising guilds. I joined up with [REDACTED], which initially looked like one of those guilds…

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DDOCentral compiles all of the blogs, websites, and other online resources available for the MMORPG video game Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO).
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