MMO economics, striking it rich(er)


In only a few days I’ve had two separate experiences of ‘striking it rich’ in MMORPGs that I played recently. When I popped back into Black Desert Online, I had 15 million silver waiting for my character in the mail. There was no effort or luck involved in that particular reward – it’s a “welcome back” type feature added to the game to, I suppose, act as a minimal catch-up mechanism for absent players.

So much freebie money…

The fame level system does reward playing more, the higher my character’s fame the more money I’d rake in for simply logging into the game. I’m sure 15 million is small change to many more loyal players of BDO, but for my off-and-on character’s adventures it seems like quite a lot!

In a similar vein I received in Everquest 2 only yesterday another tidy sum of money. In one of the…

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