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A Begrudged Step Toward Current Game Hardware

gaming-keyboard-hub-100715551-orig Gaming Keyboards, are they worth it?

I grew up in the 80’s. I had an Atari 2600, just like many people my age. I was still “young” in the early age of computers, and came in right around the time Apple introduced the first Macs. Over the summer of my Junior/ Senior year, I was sent to learn about the new Macs at a special camp. So, to me, a keyboard has always been a nothing but a tool for productivity.

Sure, the new keyboards had fancy lighting, special keys for macros, and a slightly better build quality (I don’t know how people can break keyboards, I’ve never broken a single one that I can remember.

I’ll admit it. I was one of “those” people. I dismissed gaming and mechanical keyboards as hype, and a way to charge someone way more than a…

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