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When was the last time a leveling dungeon whipped your behind with some real challenge? In a lot of MMORPGs dungeons below the level cap are pretty easy – especially if you have a half-decent tank and healer in the party. Exceptions do exist including The Secret World (not Legends so much) and some of the Elder Scrolls Online’s dungeons.

Yesterday included a bit of a DDO binge for me, we’d decided to swap two of the three characters in our leveling static group out to change around trinity-roles somewhat. I dropped my Paladin for an Artificer; my husband abandoned his Wizard/Rogue to swap in his Paladin. Our two new characters were a bit lower than the remaining Cleric. So I had to do some solo grind to catchup with the new Paladin and we both then wanted to catchup those remaining ranks to get to level 6.

Playing as…

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