It’s Been a Long Road

Citi Plays DDO

Two Beloved Characters Hit Cap.

ScreenShot00357 Citira, fine furniture connoisseur. 

A long time ago, on a server not so far away, Citira was created. She was a first level, first life and knew very little about how to a paladin proper. What the exact month and year of her creation was has been lost to the annals of time, but one thing is for certain: long was the journey.

She has gone through one rebuild after another, as the decision as to which build her useless player wanted to follow became what seemed to be an eternal struggle. Then, one day- though unbeknownst at the time- the right build came along, and it all fell into place. The balance between offense and defense fit perfect.

Which build, you ask, was it that made an average player with an average build begin to excel? The Sacred Vanguard.

Now, you may wonder why…

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