Nintendo Switch Is Redoing The Past

Gamer Crash

Yesterday, Nintendo unleashed the long waited Nintendo Direct, giving fans a peek into what’s coming the first half of 2018. Frankly, it couldn’t have come at a better time as the community hype had reached critical levels. The excitement kicked off late last year after a leaked EA document appeared online, seemingly confirming a Nintendo Direct happening in January. Then, Amazon added a bunch of Switch game placeholders to its marketplace before quickly taking them down. On top of that, GameStop just recently posted and deleted a tweet talking about a Nintendo Direct that set to kick off in 45 minutes. It got deleted nearly as fast as it was posted.

Throughout all of these events, Nintendo remained silent about its plans which essentially worked its fanbase into an outright frenzy. The company even got in on the trolling, posting odd pictures without context like Chibi-Robo on fire.

Well, after…

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