How EA Will Probably Murder Bioware Video Games


It’s no secret that EA has a very cavalier attitude toward the well-being of companies it acquires. It has a habit of riding them hard and putting them away wet, in the worst sense of the term. The publisher is a mammoth creature, and has little regard for the comfort zones or optimal skillsets of developers under it. Their wishes are meaningless, and they will be trampled underfoot if they do not bow to the demands of their overlords.


It happened to Visceral Games most recently. With the relative failure of Dead Space 3 – hated by many of its fans for nearly abandoning the horror aspects of the game in favor of shoehorned-in co-op and crafting elements – the company was shunted to working on Battlefield spin-offs, and then summarily executed late last year for their under-performance in that series. This isn’t the first time EA has done this…

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