6 Over-Hyped Video Games That Deserve A Second Chance


Not every game gets favorable reception for the first time. Hype is bad and good but in most cases it’s BAD! but why?

Hype brings out something called “Fake Expectation” and Yes, that’s a made-up word but hear me out. When a Hyped game is shown to the public what happens is people start to make up things that won’t be available in the game and sometimes expect too much. And Then Expectations failed, people get’s pissed and everything goes downhill. These are some games down below that experienced over-hyped reception but deserves a second chance.


Image result for YOOKA-LAYLEE

Yooka-Laylee liberally shatters the fourth wall by acknowledging its own existence as a game. Each time dialogue happened between characters, I eagerly awaited jokes about other games. You even get herded through quiz-style sequences; thankfully, these don’t serve as roadblocks as much as they do fun allusions to games like Banjo-Kazooie. I laughed…

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