PS4: Every 2018 Release We Know About So Far (And Why You Should Care)

Musings of a Mario Minion

With so much riding on Xbox’s release schedule, PlayStation needs to maintain its release strength moving into 2018. From new IP to crowd-funded classics, PS4 looks set to keep its stride throughout the year despite a lot of shared releases.

PS4 consoles

Lost Sphear – January 23

Lost Sphear PS4 HeaderDeveloper: Square Enix

Genre: JRPG

Play It For: A fresh revival of the JRPG genre

Moss (PSVR) – February

Moss in-game gameplay VRDeveloper: Polyarc

Genre: VR Action Adventure

Play It For:  A few hours spent surrounded by a storybook fairytale world

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – February 13

Kingdom come deliverance in-game gameplay combatDeveloper: Warhorse Studios

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Historically accurate Skyrim

Metal Gear Survive – February 20

stealth gameplay in Metal Gear SurviveDeveloper: Konami

Genre: Survival Action Adventure

Play It For:  What even does a Metal Gear game look like without Kojima anyway?

Monster Hunter World – January 26

Monster Hunter World headerDeveloper: Capcom

Genre: Action RPG

Play It For:  Hunting in a dynamic, living ecosystem

Dragon Ball…

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