4 Insanely Stressful Video Games That Will Make You Rage Quit


Oh, so you think games are easy huh? You think old games used to be way more difficult and challenging? The 80s were the era of difficulty and now only noobs think Dark Souls is hard right? Well, my dude if you think that then you are completely wrong in every way because if you think gaming was used to be more challenging way back in the days when you probably have not played these games.


Image result for outlast 1

Red Barrels have done a fantastic job combining an intensely disquieting setting, a unique visual look, and an incredibly effective camera gimmick to ensure that nobody escapes Mount Massive without a few nightmares. – GamingTrend
It’s certain not to appeal to all gamers, and while I often personally use games to relax and blow off steam, I find that after playing an hour or so of Outlast I’m too wound up to play…

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