D(etermining) L(udic) C(ommerce)


Ah, downloadable content and microtransactions. Two harbingers of modern gaming, aren’t they?

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So I’m a little late to this party.A long time ago, Falcon Game Reviews wrote a fantastic article about all the things wrong with the way the gaming industry handles DLC and microtransactions, putting a number of aspects of modern gaming in his crosshairs. Likewise, iplayedthegame wrote a fantastic breakdown of some pretty pervasive issues with modern gaming, including the recent DLC and microtransaction culture that has gained steam recently.

Now that I have another great excuse to do chime in (*cough* Battlefront II, Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Mass Effect: Andromeda *cough*), I thought I’d capitalize and ask you for two cents to give you my opinion. I mean, what?

The Cost of Gaming

Recently, Daniel from True Video Games has questioned whether or not video…

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