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Not all MMORPG quests are equal. Questing has tended, in many games, to be reduced down to simple tasks like the apocryphal “kill 10 rats” or something similar; requiring five minutes or so with maybe some travel time either side. The questing hub model as popularised by World of Warcraft many years ago intensified the rapidity of individual quests by concentrating the number of quests your character would pick up at once, and by simplifying the collection and handing-in of those quests by gathering all the quest-giving NPCs together in one location.

A flying quest hub is the latest innovation

Two games that I’ve played recently do not strictly follow this more modern take on ‘questing’, however: Dungeons & Dragons Online and Elder Scrolls Online. There are positives to a ‘quest’ actually having some length and substance – it’s less confusing to be focused on one task rather than the…

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