6 Massive Modern PC Video Games With Phenomenal Graphics


Graphics! Graphics! Graphics! Everywhere

Don’t tell me you don’t look at the graphics while playing games. Because practically that would be impossible and that’s because even the worst graphics in the game are still considered as “Graphics” and the 2d assets in small indie games are also considered as “Graphics”

A Lot of newcomers says that only gameplay matters and that’s totally true but you cannot ignore Graphics. How will you play a game and I mean how will you enjoy a true gameplay without graphics? Think about that

Today we are counting down 6 Modern PC Games with absolutely amazing graphics.


Image result for DOOM GAME 2016

For fans of single-player FPS campaigns DOOM is a juggernaut, and some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming for years. It’s never going to grab you with an engrossing plot of spectacular linear set pieces, but the flawless combat ensures DOOM just never lets up…

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