MMORPG user interface standards


Last weekend I was running some tabletop gaming using Fantasy Grounds 2, and I was reminded just how quirky the user interface is. This virtual tabletop software re-invents a lot of controls and concepts that are already well established for Windows software and is less intuitive to use as a result. Standards in MMORPGs are pretty varied but I do have a few examples of things I consider to be fair expectations for the UI in a modern/current game, and games in mind that try to do things differently for no good reason:

1. Moveable windows

Fixed windows, especially in position or size (width x height) are a pretty unforgivable sin in my opinion. Still in 2018 certain windows in World of Warcraft cannot be freely dragged around the screen when open – especially annoying if you want to follow chat and have your character sheet. Sure you can load…

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