6 Weirdest Video Games Of 2017 That Everyone Should Play At Least Once



2017 was an amazing year for gaming and I am quite sure that you have already heard about this millions of times now. There were massive open worlds, RPG, FPS and Fighting games. It’s safe to say that 2017 was a diverse year for gaming as a whole. But there are still some games left that everyone needs to play and these are some of the weirdest and amazing games you didn’t play in 2017


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Paradigm is a uniquely creative blend of art, music and consistently humorous gameplay. It’s an absurdist adventure like no other, and one that’s earned its place among the classics. – Adventure Gamers
Fascinating and surreal adventure with witty dialogues, bizarre scenes, countless innuendoes and imaginative puzzles. – GameStar
Paradigm is proof that quality isn’t the sole domain of big names and hefty budgets. Although the puzzles are a bit lackluster…

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