High Level Gear

Citi Plays DDO

ScreenShot00383 Citifus, the outdoorsman

An Examination of Gear From Levels 16 to 20

*Note: At present, I do not have any characters within this level range, so I am forced to use screencaps from characters above level, the DDO Wiki, and other DDO sources.

*Disclaimer: I don’t know much about high level gear, so I will share what I have and call on those I know that are in the know to take what I say and expand.

You’ve gotten most of the way through your heroic levels, and it is time for to re-gear your character for that final push to get through the levels that seem to take forever. For what should you aim, where should you so they can be acquired?

The fact that there is no simple answer is an unfortunate truth.

Much like the mid levels, each build has specific gear that works better than others…

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