How To Properly Execute the PlayStation Classic/Mini

3rd World Geeks

We all know how great Nintendo’s line of “Classic” retro consoles are. Even I got sucked into the hype and got a Super Nintendo Classic even though the store was charging much more than the suggested retail price. I didn’t care and I still love this “mini” version of that old 16-bit console. I even wrote up a glowing review for the system because it’s an incredibly cool system and works beautifully. There was generally one thing that was in the back of my mind when I was playing it. That thought was this: When was Sony going to release a miniaturized version of the first PlayStation?

It may seem like an impossibility but, if you really think about it, making a “new” PlayStation would be a really good idea. It’s been more than two decades since Sony’s first foray into the gaming console business started and millions of people…

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