Most Rarest & Expensive Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games


PS4 is a new gaming console and by new, I mean the latest one. I am not going round and round and this time straight to the topic. PS4 have a lot of exclusives, Like 100s of exclusives and that’s probably the only reason it is getting so popular but there is one more thing that makes PS4 a different gaming console and that is the RARE games that are not available to purchase anymore. We are counting down some of the Rarest & Valuable PS4 Exclusives Video Games

Silent Hills PT (Estimated Value: £2000)


It is only a demo, but it is an excellent one. There are some excellent scares, an incredibly creepy house, and the reveal at the end if you do not already know it will make your jaw drop. Just make sure not to give up the first time you die, because it isn’t the end…

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