Wheloon Prison

DDO Outrage

General Comments

I bought the Shadowfail Conspiracy expansion pack back when I was a bit more oblivious about DDO’s quality decline since 2012. I bought it together with the Menace of the Underdark expansion on Steam because they were having a sale for something like 75% off. Even then, I’m not sure if either purchase was really worth it because Wheloon is such a detestable setting with an abominable collection of quests.

Experience: 2/5

There are four flagging quests here and one finisher. They’re all level 16 (26 on epic) and none of them give half decent experience except for the last one, so you may as well skip them. On epic, it’s the exact same story. I’m not even sure if the final quest, Through a Mirror Darkly, is worth the hassle of doing the rest of them because the rest are so uninspired, boring, and bad experience.


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