When MMOs take away your eyes

Bio Break

The above screenshot is from Dungeons and Dragons Online, and shows me mid-combat when some magic-slinging undead threw some sort of blinding or fog spell on me. Very quickly, the screen went murky and I couldn’t navigate very well. Because combat in that game happens fast and in real-time, I nervously started shooting all willy-nilly into the fog, hoping to hit something while I was being wailed on and waiting for the spell to lift.

It was a nerve-wracking 20-or-so seconds in which the game — without apology — took away my eyes and told me to deal with it. I did survive, although barely.

This experience was somewhat repeated the next night in a different game. To cross off another quest from my log in World of Warcraft, I went into the Kil’jaeden raid for the first time and got to experience that fight from start to finish. At…

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