Biggest Hyped Video Games That Failed Miserably After The Launch



Hype! Hype can kill or make a game. I have seen great gaming franchises failed overnight only because of hype hmm…. alright, that was too philosophical. But seriously though Hype is bad for games and mostly created to sell more copies and just create more buzz around it. But some were hyped to an extent that made them destined to fail!

These are some of the biggest video games that failed miserably after the launch.


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Evolve has rare highs hidden amongst tedious lows. When the title hits its stride, it is easy to see why it was designed in this way – Worth Playing
Evolve should have been great. It isn’t. Worse still is that its core idea feels as if it has been undermined by over-complication and, more disappointingly, the worst practices of modern publishing. – VideoGamer
No actual campaign and focus on…

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