Harbinger of Madness

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Harbinger Madness features four quests which I find to be quite fun for a variety of reasons, some decent experience in a level range which really needs it, and some decent loot as well. With all this being said, you’d think that the pack might be deserving of higher than C-Tier, but there are good reasons why I’m placing it here. While most aspects about this pack are decent, they’re just that: decent. Not outstanding or absolutely necessary. It also suffers from the same weakness as Phiarlan Carnival and Attack on Stormreach, namely that it’s only four quests and nothing else.

Experience: 3/5

In terms of experience per minute, the quests are all decent to respectable, ranging in the 1.5k exp/minute to 2k exp/minute range, at least from my experience. On the positive side, level 15 is a level with few other quests, so a whole chain of…

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