Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Review and Comparison

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Hey interwebs, today we’re going to be talking about the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia: what is it; what’s it used for; and where can you find it, specifically where can you pick it up today without it costing you an arm and a leg?

The other day I was out on YouTube checking out Draven’s RPG Review(which I do quite often). He’s fantastic! His reviews are great (all of his videos are great)! I encourage you to go check out his YouTube channel (if you’re not already a subscriber) and subscribe! He’s got some great stuff! He had posted a video about the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia and how it is now available (print on demand) from The DM’s Guild. I was super excited to hear that this book was available again as print on demand because this is actually one of my favorite…

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The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Dark Fantasy is more than just dying messily. While the genre does stand in contrast to “High Fantasy” in that way, there is more going on than just added mud and blood. High Fantasy and Swords and Sorcery are typified by great power, heroic character arcs, and the grand struggle between good and evil. Dark fantasy does highlight the violent aspects of pre-industrial society, but also contrasts itself from other fantasy genres by making sure that morality is represented by shades of grey, and that any quest for power comes with a price attached. The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power brings forth a dark fantasy world of the players’ creation. What makes it pop for me is not just the violence and the superstition, but the intrigue and mechanics behind it. The game sets character against character with ease but also puts these characters into positions of power…

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6 Games or Franchises That Deserve A Second Chance

Gamer Crash

This past week, I rediscovered Split/Second, a high action, arcade-oriented racing game thanks to Microsoft’s Games with Gold service on the Xbox One. Split/Second invokes a lot of what makes games like Burnout so fun: rewarding the player for driving fast and dangerously. It’s also a game that was criminally overlooked due to a terrible launch date which saw it not only go head to head with Alan Wake but Red Dead Redemption as well.

I think you all know how that went…

Considering how unlucky the game was, it got me thinking about other franchises that deserve a second chance. These are game franchises that, at the moment, don’t appear to be coming back anytime soon, and in my opinion, that’s a crying shame. A few of these games were really well made, but just never hit it big for whatever reason.

So here are my top games…

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Guest Post: DDO Mists of Ravenloft review (part 2)

Bio Break

Today’s guest post is from DDOCentral’s Matt, who wanted to give Bio Break’s readership a deeper look into Dungeons and Dragons Online’s newest expansion. Check out part one here. Thanks Matt!

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) released its third paid expansion on December 6th, 2017 titled Mists of Ravenloft. The two previous paid expansions for DDO are Shadowfell Conspiracy, released on August 19th, 2013, and Menace of the Underdark, released on June 25th, 2012. These earlier expansions are placed in tabletop Dungeons and Dragons’ most famous campaign setting, Ed Greenwood’s Forgotten Realms.

Mists of Ravenloft explores the popular Gothic horror-themed Ravenloft D&D campaign world created by Tracy and Laura Hickman and the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich’s domain Barovia on the Demiplane of Dread within that world.

This article is the second in a series of three articles on Mists of Ravenloft, the latest addition to…

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What the Heck is Nintendo Labo?


Nintendo’s got a brand new idea, and it centers around…cardboard?  Yeah, like me, you might be rather confused right now.  Apparently, Nintendo Labo, one of Nintendo’s newest products, is a kit that includes cardboard sheets with patterns printed on them (and the corresponding game, though I must admit that Nintendo’s ad on the subject didn’t make this very clear).  These patterns can be put together to create what appears to be a variety of gaming peripherals, from fishing poles to pianos, which work with your Switch.

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Massively Flopped Video Games That Are Now Cult Classics


Games Failed so hard that they actually became Cult Classics? Let’s take a look at games that was commercially failed in the beginning but became cult classic afterward.



Platinum didn’t create a captivating universe with Vanquish, but it also serves as a showcase of some of their best pure action work. If you haven’t had a chance to give it a shot yet, you might as well with the definitive version on PC. – Destructoid
Compared to Bayonetta, Vanquish has some catching up to do. The story and characters are forgettable, the environments quickly get stale, and there’s no progression in weapons and powers. At the same time, the gameplay remains brilliant, with solid shooting that melds well with some very fast action; it’s enough to overcome any visible flaws. With the improvements in frame rate, Vanquish is a good action shooter for anyone with even a mild interest…

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Into the Pit of despair #DDO


I experienced “the Pit” dungeon for the first time yesterday, well the first time I can remember playing it anyway. Foolishly we started the dungeon quite late and the run took two hours despite rushing somewhat. This dungeon is a real puzzler.

The dungeon is pretty massive, spanning several levels and built around great circular halls with winding ramps up and down. Equally impressive chambers are accessible from various side corridors of these halls.

The number of steps to complete the dungeon surprised me; looking at the custom map for the dungeon with symbols to represent each of the rooms of the complex, I should have guessed at just how many sub-tasks there would be. The dungeon includes several jumping puzzles (thankfully my husband and friend are better at these than I) and some really clever logic puzzles.

It highlighted the joys of playing small team content like DDO dungeons…

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The Basilisk’s Caves

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Travelling along the edge of the Dry Badlands of Korush en route to the City of Copper Bowls, you find half of the corpse of a young man clutching a small dragonhide sack containing the emperor’s emblem – a courier. The trail of blood leads from the body back into the Basilisk’s Caves…

Many know of the Basilisk’s Caves because of the tale of the ancient archmage Brasorin Zijes who’s petrified form was recovered from the badlands some eighteen hundred years after his petrification. Once he was extracted from the Basilisk’s Caves and de-petrified, he was a great source of information for sages seeking information about his era – until he was slain one again when he decided to try to take over the empire.

The Basilisk's Caves The Basilisk’s Caves

The Basilisk’s Caves are a mix of natural and partially-worked caves and galleries cut into the face of the Falleck Promontory overlooking…

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5 Best Management simulation Video Games where you’re the Boss



Image result for prison Architect

Prison Architect is a fantastic strategy sim which highlights both the difficulty of running a prison and keeping a lot of prisoners happy. – God is a Geek
Prison Warden is what will offer me some longevity in this game, since I can mess around with how the wardens affect the gameplay, and how each map runs differently. I get bored easily, and I will say that I found myself unchallenged after I got the hang of things. Prison Warden can help with that. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Prison Architect is a full-on sim that will eat your time. If you fancy a dark look inside the running of a prison, look no further. – VideoGamer


Image result for game dev tycoon

Quite simply, I’m a huge fan of Game Dev Tycoon and I love that we can finally play this title on iOS. It’s the…

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Raids week 63

Micki's Delirium

Here is the rundown of last week’s Saturday night raids.

I logged on a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and posted for baba’s normal. I had a few joiners right away, but then it got quiet. We waited for about 40 minutes to fill the party before I suggested we short man. I asked the party to split themselves for the sides, my only suggestion was that the warlocks go on different sides (to make the sides more even). Except for some struggles to get the scarecrows down at the same time, the puzzles progressed nicely. For the end fight we decided to try the tactic where you kill the shambling dooms when they spawn before killing baba. I was told that this is the best tactic for higher difficulties. On normal, though, I felt it wasn’t really worth it, as it took us as long…

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