Do’s and Dont’s of DMing

Aspiring Halfling

Dungeon Mastering, or Game Mastering, can be daunting. As a new player, you may be in awe at how flawlessly your DM/GM is running their game. How are they keeping track of this all? How are they keeping us all so invested? How are they playing 5 different characters whereas I can barely keep track of one?!

Truth is, it takes a while to get to that expertise of DMing, and even then the DM is likely flying by the seat of their pants.

However, a novice DM can be just as good as one who has been running games for decades. I’ve attempted to compile all of my own DMing advice I’ve picked up along the way here so as to make your foray into DMing hopefully less intimidating.

(This list will be a continual work in progress as even the most experienced of DMs – not saying…

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