Attack on Stormreach

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Attack on Stormreach isn’t the best pack out there in terms of min-maxing and trying for the best loot in the game or best experience, but it surprisingly isn’t totally outdone by other packs in these respects either. In addition, the quests themselves are very well done and are what I’d say creative and original. I like this pack.

Experience: 2/5

The pack consists of four quests, all level 13. The first three must be done in any order to flag for the fourth.

The first and third quests, Assault on Summerfield and Undermine, offer experience on par with the level 13 Gianthold quests, but are unfortunately not part of any saga, so aren’t really worth running multiple times per life.

The second quest, Blockade Buster, has the potential for really good experience/minute. The labor here can be divided between three people and if they all…

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