Heart of Darkling – The Augite Shore

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Welcome back, travellers, to the Heart of Darkling – a series of free maps tied together by the underground Darkling River and the deep blackness of the Darkling Lake.

Heart of Darkling - the Augite Shore Heart of Darkling – the Augite Shore

The Darkling River finally spills into the Darkling Lake in a region known as the Augite Shore. Augite is a black igneous stone with a glassy luster and the propensity to shear at nearly 90 degree angles, making it a remarkable stone for building with. To those coming down the river here, there is a sudden change in pressure and atmosphere as the roof opens up over the lake, and the walls reflect torchlight like shattered windows erected by giants.

About a hundred feet from where the river opens up into the lake is a small fortification built from augite blocks. Part of a guard post built by slaves of an earlier Aboleth overlord…

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