Class abilities as gameplay


Playing some Elder Scrolls Online I was pondering where skills or abilities that in some games are specific class abilities are made gameplay features across all characters. Specifically in ESO all characters can sneak around even if the Rogue-like Nightblade  do it best.

I’ve never been that huge a fan of Rogue characters in MMORPGs, so stealth gameplay isn’t something I’m that used to (although I have dabbled in it more recently). In ESO any character can do this so it’d be kind of silly not to at least be aware that I can sneak around the odd group of creatures to speed up a quest. Other standard Rogue actions like picking the lock on a locked chest are also standard gameplay features in ESO.

Another example I could think of is the tendency in action MMORPGs to have an in-built dodge mechanic – movement abilities like this are…

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