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Reading about Syp picking up DDO again, at least for the month of August, made me reinstall the game and fiddle around. That plus I recently found an amazing guide for my favorite class, the Monk. So I skimmed over the Book of Syncletica, mostly to drool over the capabilities that higher level monks get, and then decided to roll up another one.

I took the advice and started from level 1, rather than use Veteran Status to boost higher. What the heck. Maybe I’ll spend August revisiting MMOs I haven’t played in a while, as other bloggers work on getting in a post a day. 🙂

Anyway, after finishing the short tutorial (again, but it’s good for me since I haven’t played in a while), I investigated the crypt in town. Yep, nothing like creepy stuff happening with monsters and odd noises from the crypt – hey do YOU…

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