Personal Favorite 2D Platformer Video Games


2D Platforming games are not as popular as they were used to be. The Genre has somewhat become boring in last 5 years. Considering one of the world’s most popular game (Mario) is a 2D Platformer. I know it’s kinda sad to see the genre dying but I would not lose hope because there are still hardcore fans out there. And some developers did make some awesome 2D platformers and today we are counting our favorite of them!


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The short length of the campaign and a few overly challenging puzzles are minor blemishes in an overall entertaining and worthwhile experience. Fans of the side-scrolling and platform genres need not look elsewhere, Trine 2 offers a wealth of truly innovative puzzles that are a welcome getaway from the current market of repeated genre titles. – Gaming Nexus
On the whole, the creators of Trine took the safe route in…

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