7 Impactful Indie Video Games That Everyone Should Play At least Once


Nothing Much to say! INDIE GAMES are BEST! Here are my personal favorites. Hope you enjoy these games too.



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Super Hexagon is an incredible game. Its simplicity makes it accessible, and its challenge level is rewarding when you learn to overcome it. – Hardcore Gamer
A frenzied, elegant action game that pulses with great music and demanding thrills, for only £2/$3. – PC Gamer
Fast, minimal and fun: Super Hexagon is the new Terry Cavanagh triumph. – Multiplayer.it


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Owlboy is a 2D metroidvania platformer that gives you the best time; you’ll love how fluid the controls are and how they work really well no matter who your buddy is. The story is touching, interesting and full of great narrative, told through plenty of hugely expressive characters all worth knowing. I’m glad I got to play this, and it’s come at a time when I wasn’t expecting it…

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