DDO: Spelunking in the Caverns of Korromar

Bio Break

Last week’s signature DDO adventure for me was hoofing it through the Caverns of Korromar as part of my efforts to get through House K quests. I know I’ve mentioned before that I have this negative reaction to seeing “long” or “very long” on the dungeon descriptions, because I know I’m in for a trek. This was a “long” quest, and sure enough, it ended up being about an hour of gameplay for my little solo team.

What initially frustrated me about Caverns of Korromar is that it is anything but a straight-forward dungeon romp. DDO works hard to break me out of established patterns with quests like this, and while I initially balked and grumbled at having to deal with a non-linear mission, in the end it felt satisfying and fair.

So the story here is that there was a Dwarven excavation deep in the jungle that had become…

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