The Great RPG Settings: Hârn

Ardwulf's Lair

I first encountered Hârn as many did, through its memorable ads in old issues of Dragon and in gazing at issues of Encyclopedia Harnica on the shelves of the not-so-local game store. At the tender age of 13 or 14 I didn’t know what to make of those at the time, and I’m sure lots of other folks didn’t either.

I was really introduced to Hârn years later when I started playing Rolemaster in the early 90s. I’d gone over to the GM’s place to talk about his campaign, and Hârn was where it was set. The maps, details and color heraldry he showed me blew me away. Within a couple of years I had my own collection of Hârn materials and set out running my own campaigns in the setting.

Harn Sample 2

Published as a boxed set in 1983 by Columbia Games and originally authored by N. Robin Crossby, Hârn flowered…

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