DDO: No tears for Syp

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One of the facets that I regret about MMOs is that all of this attention and artistry is paid to enemy mobs that we never really get to examine up close because, you know, of all of the frantic flailing and killing on both sides. So when you get a chance to take a selfie with a friendly mummy, by gum, you DO IT. I’m calling this one “Fred.”

So last Friday evening, we assembled a group to run a couple of Dungeons and Dragons Online dungeons for MJ’s stream at Massively OP. It was MJ, myself, and a few members of Onedawesome, the old Massively DDO guild that still survives — somehow! — to this day.

On tap for that evening was a pair of House P quests. I’ve already done these, but what the heck, it’s always more fun with a group. First up with The Tear of…

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