A Patchwork Fourange

Citi Plays DDO

Thoughts on the Update 37 Patch 4 Release Notes

On Wednesday, February 21st of 2018 the latest patch release notes were unveiled. There is a lot to cover, so my replies shall be limited to what I consider to be the simplest.

 *Note: Since this update has not yet been released as of the date of this posting, I am forced to utilize pictures from previous posts for highlight purposes.

ScreenShot00052 Malicia and I on our first date. Love at first purple sight!

The Anniversary Event!

The return of the Anniversary Event means players will be engaged in the grind for whatever item that a number of specified farmed materials can be traded. Be that item a cosmetic or an item that one might only gain if they ran a quest or raid to which they may not have access. Some of the items offered are sub-par, while others are quite…

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