Video games for Beginners

Same Difference

I sat in the movie theater and could hear everyone’s eyes roll.  It was after one of those stupid one liners that really wanted to be taken very seriously. Looking back, I cannot recall the name of the movie but I do recall the distinct feeling that I’ve been taken for a fool. I was done with Hollywood.

I wanted more from my entertainment.  I wanted something weird, wild and not rubber stamped by a bunch of rich white guys.  Desperate for a chance to partake in more creative story telling, I revisited a thing that I had long written off.

They were Terrible in the Beginning

When I was four or five, I got the Nintendo.  It came with two games, Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.  Occasionally, I would play Tetris at a friend’s house.

These games are classics and many think of them with beloved nostalgia.  For…

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