Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


(Image: “Face B” from Kateverse.Com)


First came Izobella, the storied traveler of dimensions, lost to time itself. She settled in a dimension once ruled by King British, and later marred by Lord Blackthorn. The resident vampire cult residing in the dungeon of Wind got wind of her, and sent her an invitation she could not refuse.

She was tested and then given the never-ending-job of keeping the undead of Vesper cemetery severely pruned, and the tunnels to the Lost Lands closed. Izobella did not argue with such a easy task, and found time to build her last tower, using ensorcelled undead as labor before erasing them from the physical plane (once again).

It was winter when Izobella, meditating over a crucible of flame on the roof of tower, received an insight from beyond. She saw the girl in the flame: tall, slim, cunning. If she didn’t know better, she…

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