Raids week 63

Micki's Delirium

Here is the rundown of last week’s Saturday night raids.

I logged on a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and posted for baba’s normal. I had a few joiners right away, but then it got quiet. We waited for about 40 minutes to fill the party before I suggested we short man. I asked the party to split themselves for the sides, my only suggestion was that the warlocks go on different sides (to make the sides more even). Except for some struggles to get the scarecrows down at the same time, the puzzles progressed nicely. For the end fight we decided to try the tactic where you kill the shambling dooms when they spawn before killing baba. I was told that this is the best tactic for higher difficulties. On normal, though, I felt it wasn’t really worth it, as it took us as long…

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