Into the Pit of despair #DDO


I experienced “the Pit” dungeon for the first time yesterday, well the first time I can remember playing it anyway. Foolishly we started the dungeon quite late and the run took two hours despite rushing somewhat. This dungeon is a real puzzler.

The dungeon is pretty massive, spanning several levels and built around great circular halls with winding ramps up and down. Equally impressive chambers are accessible from various side corridors of these halls.

The number of steps to complete the dungeon surprised me; looking at the custom map for the dungeon with symbols to represent each of the rooms of the complex, I should have guessed at just how many sub-tasks there would be. The dungeon includes several jumping puzzles (thankfully my husband and friend are better at these than I) and some really clever logic puzzles.

It highlighted the joys of playing small team content like DDO dungeons…

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