6 Games or Franchises That Deserve A Second Chance

Gamer Crash

This past week, I rediscovered Split/Second, a high action, arcade-oriented racing game thanks to Microsoft’s Games with Gold service on the Xbox One. Split/Second invokes a lot of what makes games like Burnout so fun: rewarding the player for driving fast and dangerously. It’s also a game that was criminally overlooked due to a terrible launch date which saw it not only go head to head with Alan Wake but Red Dead Redemption as well.

I think you all know how that went…

Considering how unlucky the game was, it got me thinking about other franchises that deserve a second chance. These are game franchises that, at the moment, don’t appear to be coming back anytime soon, and in my opinion, that’s a crying shame. A few of these games were really well made, but just never hit it big for whatever reason.

So here are my top games…

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