Raids week 68

Micki's Delirium

Last Saturday I logged into ddo during the day for a few runs on Maidae and was asked by two people when the raids are. Due to time zones and daylight saving, knowing when things are can be a bit confusing, as I noticed since both of them guessed an hour off, first person an hour early and second an hour late. 🙂 When I did log on for raids, the group filled in about 10 minutes and I had a couple of people interested in joining, but sadly we were out of room.

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The Art Of Abstraction

Musings of a Mario Minion

To say a particular video game is abstract can be a pretty weighty conclusion to come to. For years now our industry has relied on photorealistic graphics to win out marketing battles and claw punters in. Through the years of brown and grey to the lens flares of yore, video game graphics have gone from pixelated concepts of objects to uncanny valley micro-emotions. But what would have happened if photorealism didn’t win out? What would have happened if game developers didn’t rally together to breathe realistic life into every screenshot or E3 demo? If the video game industry developed in such a way as that realism on our screens wasn’t the be-all and end-all of marketing a play experience, would it be a lot easier to praise the art of abstraction in 2018?

abstract image

These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself every since playing through That Dragon, Cancer 

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Iconic Video Games Series That Have Fallen From Their Grace


Talk about “Success”

These are some of the most iconic video games of all times…well they used to be. We are counting down Iconic Video Games That Fallen From their Grace.

Metal Gear


Far from the original root of the series, Metal Gear Survive suffers from a very repetitive gameplay be it in solo or in multiplayer, and the not discreet at all micro-transctions don’t help. At least the story is worthy and might hold your interest. – JeuxActu
Fans of classic Metal Gear games will probably find little of interest here; their overall impressions of the game ought to be mediocre – Survive simply fails to captivate. The magical atmosphere known from Snake’s adventures is nowhere to be found. However, the new MGS should appeal to enthusiasts of survival – there’s a lot of it here. If you like exploration, gathering and crafting, give it a shot. –

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MMORPGs as interactive entertainment


Stargrace has a recent post talking about game and movie crossovers. The topic interested me particularly because of the interactive role we get to play as protagonist:

The appeal of most video games is the chance to be the hero yourself and directly influence the action. Often games will echo the kind of scenes you are familiar with from a typical action film, sci-fi space adventure or war movie, but they allow you to play the lead role.

If you’ve played many of the games in this genre you’re used to your character being portrayed as a leading character – in Guild Wars 2 we are ‘the Commander’ of a vast allied army and in World of Warcraft we’ve progressed to being the leader of a class order. Not that all of the MMORPGs give you a leading role, Lord of the Rings Online is careful to portray your…

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Pros and cons of single vs. multiple MMO adventures

Bio Break

As someone who has experienced a wide range of MMOs and gone through different phases in playing them, I’ve formulated some opinions on the pros and cons of sticking with a single game versus attempting to juggle multiple titles.

I’ll say for starters that I personally don’t favor one method over another. One, two, or several games all hold appeal for me at different times, and I don’t think I’ll ever settle into a single preference. It’s more situational — which games are hot right now, which are holding my interests, which have released new expansions or updates. Over the past year I’ve had periods where I’ve only played World of Warcraft day in and day out, periods where I was at just two games, and sometimes (such as now) where I’ve gone to four or five.

So let’s look at what the pros and cons are of the two…

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Now Arriving: Games of April 2018

Gamer Crash

Well, folks, we’re full steam into April, which means it’s a whole month full of exciting new releases. Just like March, April isn’t as robust with big-name releases as we’ve seen in the past couple of years, but there’s certainly a few to keep your eye on.

For most PlayStation fans, April begins and ends with three words: God Of War. The latest game in the long-running action series is actually a stunning departure from previous games. Outside of the fact that the setting is now rooted in Norse mythology, it appears to feature a more mature and thoughtful style experience. Yes, the visceral action and gore is still there, but it has the look of The Last of Us more than the first God of War. I’m intrigued.

Switch owners also get to go hands-on with the quirky yet intriguing Nintendo Labo devices this month as well. Starting on…

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DDO: Haywire’s Foundry

Bio Break

Yet again I’m called into a foundry to save the roguish Haywire, who repeats his M.O. of last time by hiding in a safe room and barking orders at me while I do all of the dangerous work and clean up his mess.

It does not endear me to this gentleman, let me tell you.

The last quest (for now?) in House K, Haywire’s Foundry is an incredibly long, truly frustrating, and occasionally brilliant dungeon that kept me on the edge of my seat for a straight hour. Inside its doors, I find that this warforged factory has gone bad as all of the golems have been infected by some sort of little slimy slug-things. My mission? Shut it all down and blow it up.

Easier said than done.

This is a “very long” dungeon, so you know you’re in for a slog. In this case, I had to explore…

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