New uses for junk items?


I read recently a D&D (pen and paper) blog post about giving players items that aren’t obviously weapons to encourage them to think of solutions to challenges that do not automatically involve combat. This idea combined with recent gameplay experiences in Divinity Original Sin 2, where even mundane items can have interesting uses – a normal spade is very useful for digging up buried treasures for instance.

A standard MMORPG trope is for ‘trash’ items to drop off killed monsters – items that are not intrinsically useful as gear upgrades or adventuring supplies, things you just normally sell to the next vendor for a small amount of cash. Can at least some of these items be given a purpose to add some variety to the game?

Junk as valuables

Maybe that’s an oxymoron but in Lord of the Rings Online it’s true, junk items can be handed in via the

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