Heart of Darkling – the Hags

Dyson's Dodecahedron

We have travelled down the Darkling River to finally arrive at the Darkling Lake – an underground lake of immense size that was once home to a thriving society of aboleth slaves and a few ancillary groups until a new aboleth arrived and slaughtered them and their master.

Heart of Darkling - The Hags Heart of Darkling – The Hags

This small cove stands out from the other random coves along the lakeside because of the three bronze statues of long-haired women who reach out in supplication to travellers along the water. Each reaches out with one hand, while another hand remains behind them – the hidden hand either holding a long serrated blade or adorned with wicked long nails. The backs of the statues also show the women as deformed and twisted – thus the cove’s name as “the Hags”.

At one point, a river emptied into the Darkling from this place, and the old…

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