The Reaver’s Refuge

DDO Outrage

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Back in the pre-U14 days, The Reaver’s Refuge was one of the premier endgame adventure packs which posed some of the best challenges in the game, some of the best experience in the game, and some of the best armors in the game. This used to be an SS-Tier pack, but now I can’t really justify placing it higher than A-Tier.

Experience: 5/5

There are three quests here which must be completed in order to flag for a fourth quest. The three flagging quests are Enter the Kobold, Monastery of the Scorpion, and Prey on the Hunter.

Enter the Kobold and Monastery of the Scorpion still reign supreme as some of the best options for experience in terms of level 16-19 quests, making them great ways to get your experience cap in the heroic levels. People used to farm these two quests for experience all the time

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