My (Hypothetical) DDO (Expansion)

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DDO Eberron Explored

So lets start with the story. “Its time for adventurers to travel off the continent  Xen’Drik, to the continent of Khorvaire. Board the Golden Dragon and travel to find a lost relic that could change the fate of House Cannith, and the world forever. Or explore the Mournlands, the remains of the lost country of Cyre. Featuring 11 new quests, a new raid, new wilderness area, a new public area, a new race and more.”

So thats the basic story. So lets start breaking down things, starting with the Golden Dragon. 


The Golden Dragon is a “luxury air liner (that) was originally commissioned as a massive Brelish war ship. After the end of the Last War, Lyrandar re-commissioned the vessel as a luxury liner with the finest outfittings. The ship is large enough that it requires two elemental bindings, both fire elementals, in addition to a separate water elemental binding. The…

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